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G8 DOD/AFM Delete Cam Packages

Price: $1,499.99

Vector Motorsports DOD Delete Cam Package


Package Includes:


VMS Custom Grind Cam

LS3 Valley Cover

LS7 Lifters

Balancer Bolt

LS3 Lifter Guides

LS3 Front Cover Gasket and Seal

Cam Gear (3 Bolt)

LS7 Timing Gear Bolts

LS3/L76 Head Gaskets

LS7 Timing Chain Damper

ARP Head Bolt Kit

PSI Valve Springs

Custom Push Rods


We have 3 options available:


Option 1- Stage 1.5 which camshaft can be used with factory converter


Option 2- Stage 2.0 requires 2800 stall converter or manual transmission


Option 3- Stage 2.5 requires 3200 stall converter or manual transmission



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Customer Reviews:

David Moore  (Monday, 21 March 2011)
Rating: 5
Installed this cam in my G8 GT and am very pleased with it. Steve has been awesome and has been remote tuning my car, and has it running great. Pulls like a freight train up top, and ran 113.65 mph in the 1/4 pig rich (we are going to put it on a dyno soon to wideband it and lean it out)and spinning all over the place on the 1-2 shift (which certainly cost some ET and MPH). It's got some lope to it for sure, so it's no stealth cam, but at the same time it is very daily "drive-able".

I'm also thrilled to report that my city mpg only dropped by about 1 mpg. What's better, my highway mpg stayed within 1 mpg of where it was pre-cam! And this is comparing it to the factory DOD cam. I averaged 25.5 mpg on 100% easy interstate driving on a road trip this past weekend. That was the average after 3 hours of driving, averaging 71.5 mph.

I would definitely recommend this cam to others for the G8. Money very well spent!

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