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Monte Carlo SS Performance ECM/TCM Tune

Price: $385.00

Here are just SOME of the extensive changes we made to the Monte Carlo SS ECM/TCM in the name of more power, reliability and drivability:
• Proprietary extensive fuel and spark mapping.
• Remove top speed limiter
• Firmer part and full throttle shifts.
• Revised up and down shift points to take advantage of the engines RPM band and newfound power; no more having to tap shift in the quarter or short shifting in drive.
• Proprietary torque management adjustment - there is still important torque management in the transmission calibration.
• End users have reported an increase in fuel economy (your mileage may vary)

Most users report a gain of around two miles per gallon when using 91 or 93 octane fuel as well as 15-20+ wheel horserpower on the dyno! This is one of the easist mods you can make to your LS4 equipped W-body that also yields the most performance per dollar.


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